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When you need a wrap done right,
Mustang has you covered. 



We are a full-service signage & vinyl wrapping company with our own in-house design team. We provide excellent service and astonishing results.

25+ Years of Wrapping Experience

Mustang has been wrapping vehicles, creating signage, and designing astounding graphics for over 25 years. In our early years, we started off as a mapping company. We began noticing the demand for a company that is not only able to provide stunning designs but also be able to install to the highest degree. 


As a result, Mustang Signs & Graphics was born. Mustang strives to create unique graphics that get your brand/concept noticed. We can handle everything from the design, the printing/manufacturing, to the installation of your project.


Our team has creative ideas that can work with the most limited budget, to large budgets for the biggest projects.

Unrivaled Vehicle Wrapping Experience

Vehicle wrapping is not something that can be learned through a textbook or two-week course. It takes years of training and experience to achieve the level of detail that Mustang can provide. At Mustang, our installers are 3M Certified, ensuring that the job gets done right the first time! As a testament to our unrivaled quality, we offer an industry-leading warranty guarantee.

When you need a vehicle wrap done right, call the professionals at Mustang. We’ve got you covered!

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